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 Owner’s Joe and Chris Valdez of Nature’s Choice CBD & Sups have quite a history with CBD going back to a very personal time in their lives. Chris’s husband Joe went into an out-patient surgery and came out partial paraplegic overnight. Needless to say after many days in the hospital and then in an in-house rehabilitation center he left in a lot of pain and unable to walk. After going through other treatments that were non-holistic he began to deteriorate more and his pain levels increased considerably. After much research with CBD and other phytocannabinoids he started trying that method. Overtime he was able to have less pain and live more life. As more time passed he worked very hard to get out of the wheel chair and now to this day he is living his life to the fullest with his family and walking with little or no pain.

“There is a lot of good that came out of this situation”, Chris said. “We now share our knowledge to our clients about CBD and other phytocannabinoids along with our trained employees.”